RedEM: Webpanel

This panel was created to suit a certain need within the community, this web panel allows you to manage multiple RedM servers from the comfort of anywhere in the world via a simple web browser.


Very unique features are marked in bold

  • Multi server management
  • Kick people
  • Set their job
  • Set their jobgrade
  • Set their money
  • Set their gold
  • Edit the database directly
  • Stop the server
  • + more to come!


Currently to gain access you have to be a patron, our Patreon can be found here. This will probably be lifted in the future once we have enough Patrons to properly support our infrastructure. Once you became a Patron you can find the panel by clicking here


Multi server management view
User database editor
Player Cards

Last modified June 24, 2020: tweak: add webpanel link (2266a97)