These versions didn’t have a “version number” attached, probably as I was awful at keeping track of these things back then.


18 Jan 2017

Performance improvement regarding having tons of commands(1000s), this will work fine now.
New event: TriggerEvent('es:getAllPlayers', function(players) end) gives all the players even the offline ones.
Misc stability improvements

25 Apr 2017

Added moneyIcon
Fixed newPlayerLoaded event

03 May 2017

Re-did database
Async requests


Ban table
getAllPlayers event

07 May 2017

Added exposed DB functions for custom plugin data
Added user:setBankBalance(amount)

11 May 2017

Added the ability to set auth for CouchDB
Slight code cleanup
Added IP variable in db.lua so you can change the host of CouchDB
Documentation done for EssentialMode
Other stuff I forgot