12 Jan 2019


Periodic update checking
Removed UI component from base EssentialMode
SQLite as default database now
Now licensed under AGPLv3
Allow disabling of EssentialModes command handler
Much better ACL support
Disabled developer tools by default

Important note

Follow the installation instructions at https://docs.kanersps.pw/docs/essentialmode/installation so you don’t miss anything. As for updating follow all of that aswell. SQLite

SQLite is a single file database which doesn’t require any additional setup, if you would like to use this all you have to do is drag and drop EssentialMode into your resources folder and start it. You don’t have to start any external database service at all.


No changes

Compatibility issues

The default database isn’t CouchDB anymore. It will now be SQLite to revert back please use the convar es_defaultDatabase