Created by Ktos & Amakuu to provide an inventory system to RedEM:RP. Can be found at


To get inventory data there is an event you can call.

-- Serverside
-- Data will contain the functions needed to obtain inventory information and write inventory information
data = {}
    data = call


Then to utilize the data object you can do so like this

-- Deletes an item from someones inventory
data.delItem(source, "itemname", count)

-- Adds an item to someone's inventory
data.addItem(source, "itemname", count)

-- Returns the count of "itemname" if it exists
data.checkItem(source, "itemname")

It’s also possible to add and remove weaponry from someone’s inventory using the following functions

-- If you'd like to add a weapon, use this function
data.addItem(source, "itemname", ammo, WeaponHash)

-- If you'd like to delete a weapon, use this function
data.delItem(source, "itemname", ammo, WeaponHash)